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April 24, 2020

Local Entrepreneur Announces How She will DO GOOD with her time in honor of DO GOOD Week!

Terrie Reeves, founder of Empower Health America, and board member of Carolina Breast Friends is using her talents for GOOD to help local nonprofits through this tough time. 

Terrie serves on the board of Carolina Breast Friends (CBF) and recently offered to lead a virtual session called Creating a “Healthy” New Normal in High-Stress Times for CBF staff and the survivors they serve. The session covered important topics like self-awareness, managing change and dealing with stress – all topics which impact the quality of people’s lives, especially now.

The session went so well that Terrie wondered if other nonprofits might benefit from it, and if so, how she might offer the same virtual session to other nonprofits during this time of change and uncertainty.  Terrie connected with a local nonprofit, SHARE Charlotte, and together they created the “Give Back and Do Good” initiative. Through the generous support of several Angel Donors Terrie is facilitating the educational sessions titled, Creating a “Healthy” New Normal in High-Stress Times to Charlotte nonprofits!

“SHARE Charlotte is an amazing organization that partners with over 400 non-profits in Mecklenburg County, so it is an honor to team up with them on this important initiative. Together, we are reaching more nonprofits and touching more lives,” says Terrie.    

If you are interested in learning how you can support this “Give Back and Do Good” initiative contact Terrie Reeves at Treeves@EHAmerica and put “Give Back and Do Good” in the subject line.

About Terrie:

Terrie Reeves is the founder of Empower Health America, a research and evidenced-based consulting and change management organization. She works with individuals, teams, leadership, and organizations, and consults on workplace culture, leadership development, and employee engagement and well-being. Terrie also provides Train For Life® (TFL) Empowerment programs, coaching, and retreats focused on physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. She is a master-level educator and facilitator and based on the current environment she has been hosting a growing number of VIRTUAL sessions focused on staying healthy, engaged, and empowered during these high-stress times.

She is also a Yoga Alliance certified teacher with over 10,000 teaching hours in yoga and mindfulness training. Terrie opened a virtual Train For Life Mindfulness and Yoga Academy in 2019 and offers training and certification programs in yoga, mindfulness, and personal empowerment. The mission of her company is “to transform lives, communities, organizations, and the world by encouraging self-study and empowering mindful action.”

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