Empower Health America Provides Virtual Solutions

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Do you need virtual solutions to keep your employees healthy, engaged, and informed? Empower Health America (EHA) can help.

EHA offers over 35 educational sessions designed to inform and inspire intentional action. Length: 30 minutes to 90 minutes – Frequency: 1 time, packaged as a series, or our signature Train For Life Empowerment program. Sessions can be delivered pre-recorded or live and are customizable. Below are several examples of live sessions Terrie has recently facilitated.

“Terrie, what a session today! Feeling excited, empowered, and eager to implement what you shared in my life. Learning and practicing your doable strategies in addition to sharing and hearing what works for others will no doubt have an amazing ripple effect which brings many smiles to many faces. Kudos and thanks for keeping the Pink House community connected and empowered.” – Ann Nelson, Breast Cancer Survivor and client of Carolina Breast Friends

“Terrie, you did an AMAZING job, and the strategies that you shared will help us all move forward more positively in the uncertain days to come.” -Leslie Verner, RN, BSN, Director of Programming and Volunteers for Carolina Breast Friends

EHA delivers 30-minute Water Cooler sessions that can be offered standalone or they can be integrated into pre-existing organizational initiatives.

“Due to COVID-19, ORC had to respond quickly to the well-being needs of our employees. Terrie Reeves generously agreed to support our organization’s employee well-being initiatives by providing “water cooler” talks to our employees. She supported our employees’ learning and development around well-being topics like mindfulness, healthy habits, and understanding the power in the pause. Our employees participated in several conversations that helped them grow and develop in a certainly difficult time. Thank you, Terrie – for being so spot on and timely with the topics you presented. I know our employees have benefited and gained value from your expertise!” – Kayshia Kruger, Director of OD, ORC  Click here for more testimonials.  

EHA delivers pre-recorded and live fitness sessions into the comfort of your own home.

Founder, Terrie Reeves is the lead facilitator, but Empower Health America has a team of dynamic and dedicated subject matter experts that provide our educational and engaging virtual services. Click here to access Terrie’s bio. Contact us at info@EHAmerica.com