Train for Life® Assessment

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The Train For Life® Assessment is a groundbreaking tool which provides valuable insight to individuals and organizations. The assessment guides individuals through a process which allows them to take inventory of their life in 15 dimensions.

This holistic assessment approach provides both the individual and the sponsor organization, if applicable valuable data. Data that translates into greater awareness and insight in one or more of the following areas:

  • Stress triggers and challenges
  • Performance and productivity
  • Motivation to change
  • Health and happiness
  • Dimension satisfaction and importance
  • Ideal Being Model®*

*Personal state of satisfaction and happiness as defined by the individual

“Facilitation of this simple assessment provides powerful data.”

The sponsor organization receives aggregate data which can influence strategic planning and decisions. The assessment data identifies:

  • Cultural and employee needs
  • Program opportunities and value alignment
  • Stress triggers and performance barriers
  • Mental and behavioral health challenges
  • Where employees want to take action
  • Care coordination opportunities

“Data drives informed decisions and intentional action, which helps companies save time and money.” 

Through the assessment process, individuals gains a clearer perspective of how they are feeling about each dimension represented in the Ideal Being Modeland importantly where they are motivated to take action. This holistic self-assessment approach increases personal awareness and can serve as a catalyst for change.  As part of the online assessment platform, individuals are provided customized action plans in each dimension, which provide additional information, self-guided exercises, and tools that support personal and professional development and growth.

Additional Empower Health America (EHA) Services: 
EHA provides empowerment programs, retreats, coaching, educational materials and tools designed to inspire individuals and teams to thrive in all areas of their lives. We integrate the following  into our individual and team service solutions.

  • Personal awareness and core value alignment
  • Readiness to change and motivation to take action
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness and neuroscience
  • Stress management and resiliency training
  • Self-care and emotional regulation
  • Intrinsic goal setting and intentional decision making
  • Dimension specific actions plans
  • Personal development and transformation

Changing behavior isn’t easy, but our Train For Life Assessment, Empowerment Programs and Coaching Services are designed to help individuals, teams and organizations integrate sustainable change.

How we help individuals, teams and organizations:
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Communication Campaign and Strategy:
Readiness to change is key to engagement, so Empower Health America develops customized communication campaigns to increase employee interest and participation.  Ensuring individuals see the value in what we are providing is key. The below video is one example of the type of communication tools we provide. This video is used to invite employees to take the Train For Life Assessment. Watch it and we hope you are moved by the message and inspired to take the assessment, because that’s our goal.

If you are interested in learning more about the Train for Life Assessment, please contact us.