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3 Areas:

  • Terrie Elizabeth Reeves, Presenter and Coach
  • Train for Life (TFL) Assessment
  • Train for Life Empowerment Programs


“Terrie Reeves was a presenter at our quarterly managers rally to kick off the new year. She combined self-awareness, stress management, health and personal empowerment into an action filled presentation. She speaks to the heart and soul of her audience.  She speaks beyond numbers, beyond business, beyond the day to day… she speaks to where people live and breathe.  My employees are excited!”
– M. Patterson, Dominos Pizza Franchise Owner

“As a leadership and organizational development professional, I know how difficult it is to facilitate. Terrie demonstrates fabulous presentation skills and is truly an empowering, amazing and an inspiring women!”
– J. Wright, Leadership and OD Professional

“Terrie is a dynamic, creative and passionate leader in health advocacy. She’s a subject matter expert in corporate wellness programs and has worked successfully in business, educational and nonprofit settings. I attended her Train For Life Empowerment Program, and it prompted me to take action in an important area of my life. Terrie is an inspiring public speaker because she’s truly passionate about holistic health, and she’s actively doing research and working in the area. She’s a great role model as she practices what she so beautifully articulates about aligning values with action. I would definitely attend future workshops and programs and I absolutely recommend Terrie.”
– K. DeMay, Sr. Executive Recruiter, Wells Fargo

“Terrie has an invigorating presence. Her energy inspires people in a room before she even opens her mouth. Her life experience, passion, and sought out formal education contribute to her being a credible and extremely impactful leader in the area of change management, empowerment and the field of individual and corporate well-being. Her vision of the “Ideal Being” very much aligns with OneDigital’s philosophy of well-being and engagement. Terrie has a gift of positioning herself as very approachable. She engages people almost instantly because the crowd feels like they are talking with her; not being talked down to or talked at. Despite her over 25 years in organizational development and change management experience,  she still exudes an unabashed passion and eagerness to learn. Every person in the crowd feels like a part of her presentation. I think the reason people pay attention is because she is the perfect example of what it looks like to be in touch with the best version of yourself, and people want that. I would highly recommend Terrie for any speaking opportunity or workshop and I highly recommend her Train For Life Empowerment Program. She builds trust quickly, she is entertaining, and she speaks to people on their level. I’ve seen her relate to high-powered groups of men and women and a bunch of predominantly 40 year old male manufacturers. She relates and meets people where they are.  The work she does to inspire individuals is priceless. This often results in immediate lifestyle and behavior changes that otherwise could take years or never even be attempted. Terrie is a true light and should be given every opportunity to shine and light other people’s light.“
– S. Wilensky, MS, Director of Well-being and Engagement, OneDigital

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“Terrie, you have been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for coaching me. You had an incredible impact on my life and I still carry what I learned for you and what I learned about myself with me today. You are such a bright light with a wonderful soul and you truly made a big difference in my life. My life has been better in more ways than one and I just felt compelled to tell you and more than anything wish you the best.”
– Sami, coaching client  

“I just finished the assessment. Your assessment is fantastic!  So easy to navigate and the information is wonderful.  Love the way it is broken down, and all the tools/action plans.  When feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it is hard to see a clear path.  Your assessment makes moving forward seem very manageable which is a huge gift.  Can’t wait to get started with the coaching and action plan.”  ;-))
– Vicki, coaching client  

Train for Life® (TFL) Assessment

“I love this assessment! The Train for Life Assessment is such a great tool for helping people to address the root of the problem instead of just treating each symptom separately. The tools provided on the assessment site were excellent and very helpful. This is a great tool in general for anyone who is motivated to take inventory of their lives. When it comes to employers, it would definitely be a great tool used in conjunction with a health coaching program or even on its own.”
– K. Kruger, Senior Account Manager, HealthWorks Division

“Through completing the TFL Assessment, I was able to visualize what changes I need to make in my life in order to live healthier and stress free. I have always believed in a Train for Life philosophy and have not seen anything in the market that provides such an in-depth assessment with the true domains that cause stress in the lives of most individuals. Throughout the TFL Assessment experience I was encouraged to strive to improve the dimensions that were causing imbalance in my life. I valued this tool and definitely think it can help individuals realize their personal potential and life stressors.”
– J. Hostetler, Clinical Registered Dietitian, White Oak Manor

“The Train for Life Assessment has helped me look at some things that I need to do to better establish a better balance in my life. Being a healthcare professional myself, I’ve seen and even taken many health assessment questionnaires in the past. I found the TFL Assessment easy to take, clear and simple, yet so comprehensive. It stimulated me to deeply consider some aspects of my overall well-being that most traditional health assessments neglect. I believe the assessment and the experience will help motivate users to make positive changes in their lives that will improve their overall wellness. It definitely did that for me.”
– V. McPherson Sprague, MD, Atrium Health

“I think it’s extremely important that college students view their health holistically, as the Train for Life Assessment encourages users to do. Between the stress of classes, meetings, and general busy-ness, we often forget or don’t have time to consider how we’re treating our bodies and minds in the process. It can be tough to gauge mental, emotional, and spiritual health because they don’t always present themselves as forcefully as physical health. We are taught to push through when we feel sad or isolated rather than addressing the root of these problems. I think the Train for Life Self-Awareness Assessment can be a powerful tool for checking up on all aspects of our health and happiness, just as we might check our grades online, and put them as top priorities.”
– A. Cmiel, Honors Student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I have spent the last four years of my life dedicated to getting well – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. It was not easy but my life is infinitely better as a result. I believe I went into the TFL Assessment with a bit of arrogance. I thought, what will this have to offer that I have not heard? Well, my dear, the answer is a lot. I was humbled. I realized that there are parts of each dimension I am still figuring out. That the process of being aware, awake, empowered and transformed is indeed a process. I found it fascinating to see how I can be both satisfied and unsatisfied in the same dimension. I am still learning how to relax, laugh deep belly laughs, and play with a sense of wonder and joy. I am still learning what it means to show up in a relationship and what I want and need from others. And the list goes on. The assessment and the information provided was thought provoking but not overwhelming. The assessment has motivated me to take action in a few areas of my life, so thank you for the reminder that I am responsible for the changes I want to make in my life.”
– A.C. Christie, Chief Operating Officer – The Blanchard Institute Rehab Center

Train for Life Empowerment Programs

“I would recommend the TFL Empowerment Program to everyone because it is comprehensive and holistic. The research and information provided is powerful, and the resource book provided was like having an ‘instruction manual’ for yourself and your life.”
K. Caison, Holistic Health Coach

“I wasn’t aware that I was so resistant to ask for support until the last meeting of the program. Then I realized I really am resistant to that [asking for help]. I paused long enough to become aware that that’s an area of my life that I’m reluctant to handle. It was sort of like an ‘aha’ moment to learn that that’s an area that I need to work on, and be willing to be less resistant to a lot of things. Having that awareness will enable me to make progress in asking for support from those around me. But pausing and going through the Empowerment Program is what made me aware of that to begin with. Now that’s something I can address.”
Barbara, Retired and loving life 

“The TFL Empowerment Program provided me with a new sense of self-awareness. Going through the program, even when I felt stressed or frazzled during the semester I was able to use the TFL Playbook and content practiced in the program to help me pause, calm down, and make more mindful decisions. It helped me to practice pausing in stressful moments and become more aware of my surroundings and what is affecting my mindset and emotions in the moment.”
A. Johnson, Senior Exercise Science Student, UNC Charlotte

“I have made progress on the personal goal that I set during the first session of the Train for Life Empowerment Program, and I see a direct connection between the program and my progress. The resources and tools provided in the Train for Life Assessment lend themselves to what we cover in the workshops, but the workshops add an extra element through the facilitation and camaraderie. There was a definite benefit to covering the material as a group. I also really enjoyed the scientific background that was brought in during the workshops to bring understanding and clarity to the process.”
– M. Casey, Consultant and Executive Coach   

“The Train for Life Empowerment Program helps you to have a better sense of self, and find peace no matter what you are facing. The training in pausing, recheck/reset, and reframing your thoughts and emotions in the moment really helped me. I think I am more prepared to handle whatever is out there. My depth of perception changed, as I began understand that there is more to well-being than the two or three dimensions that I normally think about. The use of inquiry and reflection really helped to solidify the concepts covered in the program.”
M. Burroughs, Consultant in Corporate Health and Well-being 

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