Strategic Partners

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Empower Health America partners with like-minded organizations, teams, and individuals that identify with our mission…. “To transform lives, communities, organizations and the world by encouraging self-study and empowering mindful action”.

Like-Minded Organizations

Empower Heath America partners with progressive organizations that recognize that their success and competitive advantage begins and ends with each individual on the team. Marketing helps organizations project an image, but an image is an illusion without intentional action and cultural continuity. So, the powerful questions become, who are you as an organization and what type of individuals, customers and vendor partners do you want to attract and retain? Whether your needs are focused on a small team or your entire enterprise, Empower Health America can partner and co-create solutions designed to help you institutionalize the changes you want to make. Organizational transformation is in the hands each person on your team, which is why enlightened organizations are dedicated to creating a culture that empowers individuals and teams to achieve their personal best at work and in their lives. We provide consulting and service solutions that support this ideology, so if you and your organization are aligned with our philosophy we welcome a conversation. contact us


If you are a nonprofit organization interested in learning more about co-creating and collaborating with us, we’d love to do some discovery. Contact us.  Our desire is to create meaningful experiences for non-profit employees and/or the individuals they serve. Special pricing available to nonprofit organizations.

Individual Practitioners

Consultants, coaches, counselors, therapists, personal trainers, and other individuals interested in learning how our tools and programming can help empower sustainable change at the individual, team and organizational level should contact us. Learn more about how you can integrate the Train For Life Assessment and Empowerment Programming into the solutions you provide your clients.


Consultants interested in learning more about how Empower Health America can help you provide your clients with innovative solutions contact us. We work with forward-thinking organizations that believe that their employees are their greatest asset.


Empower Health America recognizes that students of all ages need tools to help them navigate their life more effectively. The Train For Life Assessment and Empowerment Programs helps students prepare for life in a more holistic manner. We are partnering with schools to help prepare young adults not only for a career, but for life. Contact us to learn more.