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Solutions designed to inspire individuals, teams
and organizations to thrive.

Corporate Services: Consulting | Workshops and Retreats | Executive and Personal Development Coaching | Evidence-Based Empowerment Programs | Mindfulness and Resiliency Training | Customized Empowerment Campaigns | Leadership Assessments | Proprietary Train For Life® Assessment | Empowerment Tools and Educational Resources


Individual Services: Personal Development Coaching | Evidence-Based Empowerment Programs | Work and Life Assessment Tools | Workshops and Retreats | Mindfulness and Resiliency Training | Proprietary Train For Life® Assessment | Empowerment Tools and Educational Resources

Virtual Services: Do you need virtual solutions to keep your employees healthy, engaged and informed? Empower Health America offers over 30 educational sessions designed to educate, inform and inspire intentional action. Sessions delivered pre-recorded or live, and are customizable. Click here to learn more.  

Our consulting, leadership development and empowerment coaching, programs and retreats are designed to inspire individuals, teams and organizations to make intentional changes in order to thrive. We leverage and integrate our experience in the following areas to create comprehensive solutions for individual, teams and organizations. 

  • 4 P Process – Pause, Process, Pivot and Proceed
  • Systems and design thinking
  • Individual, team and organizational change
  • Evidenced-based assessment tools 
  • Emotional intelligence and personal development
  • Leadership and employee development
  • Mindfulness and resiliency training
  • Neuroscience and readiness to change
  • Appreciative inquiry and motivational interviewing  
  • Intentional decision making and intrinsic goal setting
  • Holistic health and mind-body connection 

Whether you are an individual, team or organization, the change process requires 6 fundamental steps:

  1. Discovery 
  2. Change readiness
  3. Co-creation 
  4. Implementation
  5. Plan adoption
  6. Change

The ability to consider new possibilities is the foundation to adopting new behavior and all change starts at the individual level. 

 “Change requires desire, a plan and the courage to trust yourself

and the process.” – Terrie Reeves

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