Pause and Train For Life Presentation Feedback

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Facilitator: Terrie Reeves
Sponsor Organization: SC Manufacturers Alliance
Audience: Human Research Professionals
Presentation length: 45 minutes

Below are some of the companies in attendance that provided feedback:

  • BMW
  • Collum Lumber
  • VTL Precision
  • Operators Unlimited
  • Mermet USA
  • Nutramax Laboratories
  • Springs Creative Product Group
  • Suminoe Textile of America
  • Sage Automotive Interiors
  • Nephron Pharmaceuticals
  • Inman Mills
  • Milliken
  • Palmetto Brick
  • New Life Chemical and Equipment
  • Propel HR
  • Duer / Carolina Coil
  • AHT Cooling Systems USA, Inc.
  • Ingredion
  • ZF Transmissions Gray Court, LLC

The below comments reflect some of the audience feedback regarding the presentation.

What most resonated with you?

  • How pausing to just take a moment can really help relieve stress.
  • Percentage of DNA responsible for personality – amazing!
  • Hearing how others deal with stress.
  • How often I don’t remember to just pause and “be”.
  • I often struggle and don’t ask for help when I need it. This presentation reminded me how important it is to ask for help.
  • That I am stressed and tired and that is what is causing my irritability.
  • Reminder of the importance to stop and evaluate. I just forget how important that is.
  • The importance of the pause and becoming more mindful.
  • Pausing before reacting.
  • Reminder to take time and slow down.
  • Great reminders for reducing stress.
  • That I am not alone.
  • Just take time to pause and breathe. What an important and great reminder.
  • Self-care –  The importance of taking care of myself so that I can take care of others at home and at work.
  • How powerful the brain is.
  • When triggered remember to pause and do self reflection before reacting.
  • I enjoyed the whole session. I particularly liked the life inventory exercise.
  • The power in the pause!
  • Stress affects almost every aspect of my life and I have more control over my reactions than I thought.
  • I found the session very educational.
  • How much stress can affect my work.
  • Learning to deal with triggers in a healthier fashion.
  • I really like the 30 healthy reminders to reduce stress and that change is necessary for growth.

What action will you consider taking?

  • Pause more! Life is too short not to live now and enjoy now.
  • Take more time to take care of myself.
  • Increase my exercise, yoga and meditation. I am going to work on not being so reactionary.
  • Focus on me time and find better work-life balance.
  • Start asking for help when I need it.
  • Reduce stress by taking better care of myself.
  • Focus on being more thankful and focus more on my quiet time and in prayer.
  • Purposely scheduling more fun into my schedule.
  • Incorporating the 30 healthy reminders to destress.
  • Scheduling more time for myself to focus on what I love.
  • Taking more time to better myself so that I can be more productive at home and at work.
  • Start a gratitude journal and a fun things to do list.  
  • Focus on being more thankful and carving out more quiet time for prayer.
  • Purposely scheduling more fun into my schedule.
  • Taking more time to better myself so that I can be more productive for my company.
  • I’m going to get a massage, start yoga and spend more time in nature.
  • I’m gonna start doing more things to reduce stress by being more creative, exercising more and praying more.
  • I am going to pause after I’m triggered so that I don’t react. I shut down and shut people out when I am reactionary and that definitely affects all my relationships.
  • I love the 30 healthy ways to destress list. I hope to use this in multiple areas of my life… work and at home.
  • I am going to pause more.
  • Invest more time on myself for myself so that I will be healthier at work and at home.
  • I am going to start volunteering.
  • I am going to start acknowledging my triggers so that I can create a plan on how to better deal with my reactions.
  • Start exercising again to help me focus on myself and make my health a priority.
  • Additional comments:

Additional comments:

  • Thanks… I loved it!
  • It was great to do some relaxing exercises during the presentation.
  • Thank you for a great job.
  • I learned a lot and you made the session fun and engaging.
  • This information is going to help me at work and in my life.
  • I left understanding a great deal more about the brain and how I can take better control of my life.
  • Very dynamic and engaging speaker.
  • Good session that was needed because we tend to put stress on the back burner.
  • Great session! Thanks! 
  • Excellent session – great information on stress and how to better manage it.
  • Great presentation – I especially liked the very open dialogue.
  • Very enlightening and informative. Thank you!
  • Love this! I would love for you to email me what you read to us at the end. It was beautiful 🙂
  • Thank you! I really enjoyed it.
  • Very powerful information and well delivered given the length of the session.
  • I learned a lot about stress, triggers and ways to self regulate more effectively.

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