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Two Rising Stronger Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat Options
September 20 – 22 and November 15 – 17

We invite you to unplug and take a trip with us to Asheville to experience a weekend of asana, self-discovery and community. We have been inspired to take you on a journey focused on courage, love and passion. Join us and discover what it feels like to have a strong back, soft front and wild heart.

Our 2018 Rising Stronger retreat sold out so we are doing two retreats this year in order to accommodate more people. If you came last year the retreat format will be similar but we will be covering new information. We are also adding 3 new 50 minute sessions on Friday based on attendee feedback.

Things to expect: To have fun, to be challenged, to learn, to grow and leave the retreat more aware, awake and inspired.

Included in your retreat experience: To be guided through asana classes and experiential self-study sessions on and off the mat with Terrie Reeves and Suzanne Bergen. Both women are passionate facilitators with over 18 years of yoga, mindfulness and teaching experience. Receive the added bonus of additional hands on assists by Melissa Swanson, who has over 1500 hours of assisting experience. You will be able to unplug and enjoy the tranquil environment found at the charming Om Sanctuary (OS). All meals, snacks, drinks, single or double room and all aspects of the program provided during the retreat are included. 

Bonus: You will have an opportunity to take the Train For Life Assessment a week prior to the retreat which will invite you to take inventory of your life in a holistic manner. If you have already taken the assessment, you can take take it again for another check in. Self-study is powerful, it allows you to be more aware of what is important, awake to your potential and empowered to live your life with greater intention. One of the new sessions we have added will allow us to review and discuss your assessment findings.

The retreat location is minutes from downtown Asheville so plan on arriving early or staying a little later if you are interested in exploring what Asheville has to offer. The facility is offering special room rates for anyone who wants to arrive a day early or stay a day later. If interested, you can contact the OS directly to extend your stay.  You can also take advantage of the spa amenities by calling in advance and booking services directly with the OS. If you arrive early or stay longer at OM be sure and take advantage of the holistic sessions they offer their guests.

Our goal is create a safe and sacred space for individuals to learn, to grow and to be personally empowered and inspired by each other.

Single room occupancy is limited: There are only 6 single occupancy rooms available for each retreat, so email me if you are interested in reserving one ( and indicate your single room preference on the registration form. Any retreat questions can be directed to this email as well.   

Giving back: Consider sponsoring someone to attend the retreat. If your finances are prohibiting you from attending please contact us. We don’t want money to be a barrier. 704-200-4459 or email

Added Incentive: We are giving a free Soul Seal Yoga Mat Topper to the first 15 people who sign-up for the September Retreat. The topper is valued at $99.95. My good friend Vicki Mason is the creator of this amazing topper and a wonderful human being. Thank you Vicki for your generosity and support. Click the link to learn more about Vicki, her company and the topper.

Retreat testimonials: Click to hear what retreat attendees are saying about their retreat experience.

Terrie Reeves loving life and giving back!
All photos: copyright Wanda Koch Photography
Suzanne Bergen doing what she loves!

Melissa Swanson assist extraordinaire!

We hope you will consider joining us.

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