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I have been publishing my newsletter since November 2018, and I am just as excited about it today as I was the day it launched. I work with individuals, teams and organizations but most of the information I will be sharing in this newsletter is intended for individuals. People just like you!  This new venture is a reflection of my life’s work in the health and fitness industry, decades of research around health, well-being and readiness to change, and my own journey through this amazing experience called life. I hope to inspire you to consider new possibilities for yourself, so you can thrive in all areas of your life. I have one primary objective, to invite you to PAUSE, so you can Work Wisely and Live Abundantly! 

Why should you invest your valuable time and energy to read this newsletter? I think it is an important question to ask. So, I will attempt to help you answer this question by asking you more questions! Are you  interested in making intentional changes in your life, and improving your health and well-being? Are you seeking a greater sense of purpose, peace and happiness in your life? If yes, take a chance, and join me on this journey of self-discovery.

Who in the world doesn’t want to feel healthy, happy and whole? Since the beginning of time, human beings have been on a quest to find the secret to achieving perfect health and happiness, and history seems to link the two together like the fibers of a tightly woven rope. You can feel healthy and happy independently, but when you experience both, life seems to bring with it a sense of peace and wholeness. Centuries of research have influenced opinion and theory around how to find the ideal balance, but despite the effort, there is still no perfect answer. So, the search continues.

My posts will invite you to pause, and consider new possibilities for yourself. I will start by asking you, “Could becoming more aware of what makes you feel healthy, happy and whole be a good place to start?” Our society teaches us to seek outside of ourselves for answers, satisfaction and fulfillment, which steers us in the wrong direction. What makes us feel healthy, happy and whole requires us to turn inward for direction and affirmation. Unfortunately, most of us have been ill-equipped and not encouraged to take this self-focused journey. My posts will invite you to dig deep, to ask yourself powerful questions, to pause often and to trust yourself.  You will be encouraged to search inside yourself for the answers you seek; and it is there that you will find them. It is an honor and privilege to share my life’s work with you and even if this is the only post you read, I hope you will at least consider pausing more, because in these moments life slows down making it easier to notice the things that are truly important.

Life’s experience, the people you spend time with along the way, and your genetic wiring impact who you are today. So journeying backwards is a great way to put your life into perspective… so I share my story.

My Story  

My career path may seem charmed but often what you see is an illusion.
A few career highlights: I have worked in the health industry for over 25 years and have 15 + years of experience in corporate wellness, and population health management and organizational change. I have been fortunate to help individuals, teams and organizations institutionalize intervention strategies focused on improving well-being, engagement, and human performance. I have launched 2 health advocacy companies and have held executive positions at two health management organizations. I was part of the launch team for Elegant Bride Magazine and the NFL Carolina Panthers, and I worked in Manhattan for Vogue Magazine during the era that inspired the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. I am a three-time National Sport-aerobics Champion, and I have facilitated over 10,000 hours in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training. I was an ambassador on the first White House National Physical Fitness Day team, co-stared in a kickboxing video with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and was an on-air host for News 14 promoting health and total well-being for over 5 years. I have been fortunate to do health advocacy work through public speaking and facilitation of well-being programs for many decades.

I launched a consulting business in 2015, with the goal of helping individuals, teams and organizations thrive. The following mission statement reflects my philosophy and captures the intention behind my work.

“To transform lives, communities, organizations, and the world by encouraging self-study and empowering mindful action.”

So, what motivated me to dedicate my life to helping individuals, teams and organizations thrive, and what was the catalyst that inspired the launch of my business?

Certainly my career path influenced the launch, but the real catalyst runs much deeper. The struggles I encountered in my life is what truly fueled my motivation. I am grateful for the many wonderful opportunities and blessing I have experienced in my life time, but I have learned more from the adversity than I have from the successes. Looking at the career path that I just mentioned, you might say what adversity? However, somewhere early on I lost my way. I was the oldest of 5 children with 3 half-brothers and 1 half-sister, my mom was married 3 times and so was my dad. Needless to say, being part of a fractured family, moving constantly, attending 7 different schools growing up and living in environments which provided very little emotional support or stability created a foundation built on quicksand. I made most of my decisions from a place of fear, I became fiercely independent, hyper-responsible, an over-achiever, self-critical and a person who was eager to play the role of caretaker and peacemaker. These traits were a toxic combination for me, which lead to low self-esteem and a hard fought 15 year battle with an eating disorder. I did not like myself or my life for a long time and when I paused to look at my reflection in the mirror my internal dialog was painful to listen too.

My story may pale in comparison to yours but what we do have in common is we have dealt with adversity at some point in our lives. Adversity showed up in my life like a brick wall, and I couldn’t figure out how to get around it. The sadness remained for a long time, like an airplane circling the runway with no place to land. I did have a ray of hope which I found through exercise. It was my happy place and it seemed to quiet the noise in my head which gave me temporary relief from my negative thoughts. However, the healing process didn’t begin until I divorced at age 36 and was introduced to yoga and meditation. I believe they both changed the trajectory of my life. I learned how to pause, to be present in the moment and to feel. Yoga and meditation gave me the hope and confidence to change the way I viewed myself and the world around me.

The change process is hard but not impossible. We all have the capacity to make changes in our life and we don’t have to stay stuck in unhealthy patterns of thinking or behavior. I know because it took me a long time to give myself permission to pause long enough to process though the pain, to figure out what was important to me and that I deserved to be healthy, happy and whole. I continue to take hits along the way but it is easier to stay the course because I trust myself. Today I stand in my power because I know my truth; I make intentional decisions that align with my core values. I choose hope not fear; love not hate and faith rather than self-reliance. I choose to live from a place of abundance not deficit, to be grateful not judgmental, and to hear yes you can rather than no you can’t. My own experiences and challenges have helped me realize that there are many facets of my life that impact my health and happiness. Now I choose to navigate through life by pausing in order to stay awake to the things that bring me joy.

When your path has been dark and you find the light you want to help others do the same. This is the primary reason I do what I do.

“We are all fractured but we have the choice not to be broken.”
– Terrie Elizabeth Reeves

We each have a choice in how we want to view and respond to life and circumstances, and I believe the most powerful action that we can take is to PAUSE. Pausing allows you to take inventory in order to gain greater clarity, and in this place individuals, teams and organizations can make wiser decisions. I believe, and research supports that pausing is at the foundation of change. I want to do my part to encourage people to explore the power that can only be found in the PAUSE.

I would not be doing what I am doing today without the love and support of these amazing people. Thank you, Oran Perry, Jim Clark, Ben Derrick, Lynn Evans, Pam Hawthorne, Don Addison, Suzanne Bergen, Adriane Reeves-Burke, my one and only sister, my Grandmother Faith, who was my rock and my one of a kind mom, Billie, who has always challenged the status quo and loved life with childlike abandon. She passes away Feb. 4th 2019, but she will always be alive in my heart. If my mom could say one thing to you in this moment it would be, “Meet yourself and others with love and kindness”. I share the Dare to go Deeper reading with anyone who needs to hear these words.

Dare To Go Deeper

“Dare to go deeper because you can, see your potential because it is possible and believe in yourself because you are powerful. Practice self-care daily and take intentional pauses throughout the day to connect with your thoughts and feelings. Show yourself and others compassion through your words and actions and learn from the lessons life teaches you. Practice the art of letting go, live boldly, laugh often…and always be true to yourself. Keep a playful spirit so you can embrace new things freely, an open mind so the doorway to possibilities is always wide and an open heart so you don’t miss an opportunity to love yourself and others. Live intentionally from a place of gratitude, don’t judge, be curious, align your passion with your purpose and pause often to celebrate this beautiful journey called life. Find your truth and it will light your path to peace and happiness. Be uniquely and authentically you.” – Terrie Elizabeth Reeves

Work Wisely and Life Abundantly,
Terrie Elizabeth Reeves
Dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations thrive.

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“Light up the world up not by doing a job but by making a difference.” – Terrie Elizabeth Reeves

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